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Let's talk about Taiwan!

Alumni of the Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan Study Tour, it's time to come home!
The OCAC invites you to share the memories of those 21 days in Taiwan.
Film a video of 5 to 10 minutes
and you have the opportunity to take a substantial amount of prize money home.
Submissions called for from around the world now!

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Activity Rules

The OCAC has organized the Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan Study Tour for years to provide opportunities for overseas youth to interact, and to increase their understanding of Taiwan.
Do you still remember what you saw in Taiwan? What was impressive? Film it now and share with us!
Besides showing us your impressions of Taiwan, let your friends and family, as well as more people who are interested in coming to Taiwan, know more about it.

Competition Requirements

  • 1. Theme of the contest

    600秒說臺灣․Let's talk about Taiwan!

  • 2. Participants

    Alumni who participated in the Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan Study Tour from 1990 to 2020 (year of participation shall be noted when registering). Both individual and group type are accepted (each team is limited to 6 people).

    1. Registration account on the official website is for individual (or group). Each team registering for the competition shall be limited to 6 people.

    2. Each team shall assign a leader and the leader shall register for the competition on behalf of the entire team. Please do not submit the same piece of work with various individuals or teams. Relevant information of the representative contact (team leader) and other team members shall be specified.

    3. Each individual /team can only submit one piece of work, and participate once.

    4. Judges, committee members of the OCAC and other related staff are not eligible for the competition.

  • 3. Film Requirements

    1. Films shall be dubbed with local language (e.g. English, Bahasa, Vietnamese or Thai…etc.) to introduce your experience off visiting political and economic infrastructure, colleges and universities, and interaction with youth in Taiwan. Share your experience on the beauty and democratic spirit of Taiwan and so on, to convey the robust vitality, affinity and creativity of Taiwan.

    2. Please choose two of the following questions to answer and incorporate answers in the film. Films can be presented with various types.

    Did you ever return to Taiwan to study? If yes, did you receive any kind of assistance that impressed you? Did you travel with your friends or relatives to Taiwan after the Tour? What are the major differences between Taiwan and other countries or the country where you reside? Can you list a few positive things? What is the most impressive place in Taiwan? What do you miss the most about Taiwan? People, events, or things? Is there anything you would like to say to those who intend to visit Taiwan? Do you have better understanding of where your father or mother comes from—Taiwan? What are your experiences and feelings about life after the study tour?

    3. Videos are limited to 5-10 minutes. Videos can be uploaded to the official website or YouTube. Please provide the link on YouTube. The online play duration of the video will be counted as the length of the video. Any video that is less than 5 minutes or longer than 10 minutes will be disqualified without further notification.

    4. Submitted films shall be uploaded to the official website of this contest or personal YouTube channel. Videos that are uploaded to a personal YouTube channel shall be set as public and shall provide the link of the video. DVD by mail is not accepted.

    5. Title of the submitted video shall be “Title-Let's talk about Taiwan”.

  • 4. Submission time

    Online submission only. Please fill in complete information and upload film of submission before the deadline.
    Submission period: May 17th, 2021, 10 AM~September 15th, 2021, 6 PM (Taiwan Time).

  • 5. Registration Information

    Online registration shall include the following information :

    1. Registrant's basic information. If registering as a team, please list every team member's basic information.

    2. Year participated in the study tour.

    3. Film introduction and theme (within 300 words).

    4. Please provide YouTube link or upload video to the official website.

  • 6. Scoring
    Scoring principles Description Weight
    Matching the theme Whether the subject of the video matches the theme of the contest.


    Element integration (story and narration) Whether the plot is attractive and unique.


    Authenticity (including creativity) Including authenticity and the presentation and so on.


    Montage and film quality Including shooting techniques, camera movement, and montage and so on.


    Others (Q&A about Taiwan) Judges can provide extra opinions.


  • 7. Prizes
    Prize Prize money (Tax included) Number of Winners
    Let's Talk about Taiwan!-Gold Medal NT$60,000 and Certificate 1
    Let's Talk about Taiwan!-Silver Medal NT$30,000 and Certificate 1
    Let's Talk about Taiwan!-Bronze Medal NT$20,000 and Certificate 1
    Let's Talk about Taiwan!-Honorable Mention NT$5,000 and Certificate 2
  • 8. Winner regulations

    1. Winners shall sign the “licensing agreement of copyright”(see the attachment )。

    2. Winners shall provide US$ accounts in order to facilitate transfer of the prizemoney.

  • 9. Things to Note
    Registration Requirements

    1. All elements of the film shall be created by the contestant. Work submitted shall be original. Work submitted by the contestant that was awarded in other competitions is not eligible for this competition. Multiple submission of the same work is not allowed. If any of the situations mentioned above is found and verified, the participant shall be disqualified.

    2. All materials of submitted work shall have exclusive copyright. Any pictures, videos or music (including partial images) suspected of violating copyright cannot be used in the film. The organizer do not bear any legal responsibility of (but not limited to) portrait right, right of fame, privacy, copyright, and ownership of trademarks and so on.

    3. Submitted work shall present positive and healthy content, and avoid controversial issues such as racism, religion, sexism, politics and culture. No sex, violence, bloodshed, slander, personal attack, violation of others' privacy.

    4. Winning films will be used as promotion materials domestically and internationally. Submitted works should keep the unzipped files in order to allow the organizer to add foreign language subtitles.

    Copyright Description

    1. After the application is completed, contestant is considered to agree with the terms and conditions of the competition. If any above mentioned situation occurs, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the participant's eligibility and demand return of the prize.

    2. The organizer owns the right of all submitted works for online publication on the World Wide Web, including any related online platforms, websites, as well as printed magazines and other related promotional materials.

    3. In order for use as promotional materials domestically and internationally, the organizer can require the original specification of winning films, scripts etc. from the winners and retain them.

    4. The organizer owns the right to cancel contestant's qualification if found the submitted work is suspected of violating copyright or intellectual property right. Contestant shall bear the legal and reparation responsibility if any related dispute arises.

    Prize Declaration

    1. Winners and the prizes shall be subject to the Tax Law of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Winners with prizes that are over NT$20,000 shall pay 10% of the prizes as tax (if winners do not reside in the territory of the Republic of China (Taiwan) or do not have any operation of business in the Republic of China (Taiwan) 20% of the prizes shall be deducted, then the rest of the prizes will be transferred to winners' accounts). A winner will be considered as forfeiting and be ineligible to receive a prize if he/she cannot cooperate. The position and prize will be replaced by the following winner, so on and so forth.

    2. After the list of winners is confirmed, winning notification will be sent to each winner's Email box. Please reply with prize receipt and the licensing agreement before the designated date.


    1. The organizer will use participant personal information provided only in this competition and abide by regulations of the Personal Information Protection Law in order to protect contestant's rights. Participants in this competition agree to provide personal information to the organizer to collect, manage with computer and use within the scope of the competition but not for any other purposes. Participants also authorize the organizer to announce their name publicly.

    2. The organizer owns the right to announce “without a winner” or “additional prize” with the consensus of more than half of the judges.

    3. The organizer owns the right to modify the terms and conditions of the competition.

  • Contact Information of the “600 秒說臺灣․ Let's Talk about Taiwan!” team
    TEL: 02-23928599 EXT: 12 or 26 Address: (11145)6F, No. 118, Zhongzheng Rd., Shilin Dist, Taipei City